My iflix Movie Recommendations

I’m a big fan of iflix. How big? Let’s just say I was already using iflix even before they officially launched in the Philippines. I don’t remember how I came to know about this awesome streaming […]

Missing Posts? Here’s Why

If you’re a regular or a long time reader of my blog, you probably noticed that things are looking a bit different around here. Yes, this blog is sporting a fresh look as well as a new […]

In Pari Delicto

Much has been written about the spectacle between Senator Judge Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Private Prosecutor Vitaliano Aguirre. The Senate, acting as an impeachment court, has cited the Private Prosecutor in contempt of court. Last I […]

(PHOTOS) Alor’s: A Home Kitchen

Whenever my good friends Avel and Orman are in town, I usually drop whatever it is I’m doing and head out immediately to meet up with the fat and fab brothers from GenSan. And every time […]

Davao Favorite: Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp

If you are from Davao, you have probably dined at or, at the very least, heard of Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp. We went there a few days ago for lunch. I had their bestseller, the […]